Do good no harm


Much easier as words . In fact , we always do harm to anyone (very often without purpose).Let’s be honest ,we are too sensitive creatures (yep,this is for the men,too not only women). But in my believing ,the coin has two side. The first side considered us as a too sensitive and fragile ,but the other side tells us that we judge too harsh other people.

We are people after all and we make mistakes . However ,the question is when enough is enough,when we make the decision that we can’t overcome and this one (fight,problem,lie, etc) and we choose to despise the person who hurt us .

I have a bad news , everyone who surround you early or late ,he/she hurts you.You can’t avoid this , we can’t stop it or prevent it (it’s some kind of mission impossible,but without Tom Cruise).I know,I know you ‘ve already knew this and the fact that from the closest person hurts most ,too.It’s almost equal to betrayal , but we have to get used to it.

There is a good new ,(I’ve almost forgot) when we hurt ,we feel guilty ,thanks to our conscience.Consequently leads to the fact that we are not so bad human beings and still there is a hope.But,there is situation in which the first time we feel enough guilty to apologize and proclaim that this will never happen…and without our concern the guilty is gone or we just get used to it. I don’t know which one is worse.

Sometimes , we make more harm in our determination to do something good.

Well…we can’t stop doing harm ,but one thing is certain for sure,it’s better to apologize for the damage instead remain silent.


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