Please,identify yourself


I was on a crowded street, hundreds of people,walking ,always in hurry,always late for something and I was seeing you in this alive stream of faces , and the first thing that came to my mind was “Who are you?”

Well,the possible answer might be that :with your incredible easy smile you ‘are looking at me and simultaneously saying “Hello ,my name is Jack ! I am a doctor/lawyer/businessman/seller /chief etc.”

End of story. I am disappointed .Desperately disappointed .Is that it? Really? Only a few words and we’ve already impression what might be the person in front of us . In another dimension (completely different universe ,too) we would walk through the street with the biggest smile on our face and we would introduce ourselves like this : “Hello,my name is Joana ,I am extremely sensitive and kind person ,but sometimes I make a fuss about little things ,but don’t worry when it happens ,it is only for a while ,moment or two,call me”

Sounds slightly creepy ,doesn’t it?

But my point of view is that at present so many people identify themselves at first with their career,and then we are the jury which provides the “unbiased” judgment . There is something terribly wrong with the idea that our personality is just a slight shadow of our career development and success .But the truth is that we ‘ve given permission for this discrepancy which identifies us as a worker first instead a person .Does it too hard to identify ourselves outside the workplace?

For some people ,the career is always their first priority , even above their family and friends .Fine , I don’t say that the type of career we choose is not of paramount importance or underrate this fact ,I just want to say that at the time we live ,more often we neglect the things that really matters and emphasize only on ourselves and the role given to us .

In the end ,it doesn’t matter whether we are successful and accomplished doctor or lawer , That does matter whether we are surrond by people who truly knows who we are ,and whether they accept us with our bad and good sides .

Well…who actually are you?


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