Without a goal or just bored


For only a couple of days ,I’ve met people who were confused,with unrealistic perception of what to do with their future or in my opinion they just exaggerated their boredom,and I really need to express my impression of it .

Everyone of us has a friend (or friends)who just only sit on one place ,or revolve around circle (work,university,home,work,university,home,work…) and always complain how their life is not what they’ve expected .That’s a normal, cause at some point of time we all feel this way. But the obstacle is that these people refuse point blank to make any change(slightly ,tiny change like go to the nearest town for a day and visit some art exhibitions) in their every-day routine and in the some time they complain ceaselessly.Hence ,they are as stubborn as bored .

Then, they ask you something like this “In you opinion,what I should do,I really don’t know what to do in the future…I think that the lack of any perspective or goal make my life meaningless,you ‘are so talented and self-expressive ,oh tell me what to do?” then you response ” Well,find you talent and express it” and the person on front of you with the obscurest expression tells you “I don’t have any talents…I don’t know…”

After all,you start to explain that if someone doesn’t know whether possess talents or not,it’s the best time to experimentalise .

Remember ,if you don’t know what to do and desperately want something new ,just do something you’ve never done before. Buy a book you think it’s too difficult to read, go to a new places, join in dance club or art club or change your habits .

Don’t waste you time !

Tell me,when was the last time when you did something for the first time?


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