My story is not only mine

We all have stories ,bad ones and good ,interesting and not so fascinating ,and story from which are feel ashamed. As a narrators ,sometimes we exaggerate or underrate some details in the stories (of course , in our favor).

This phenomenon usually happens when there is not witness of our story while we tell it so enthusiastic. That happens because if the story is a bad one, we have to defense ourselves and blame someone else for our misfortune ,on the other hand if the story is a lovely good one ,we are almost obliged to stretch the truth in order to feel how other people envy our happiness (there are glints in my eyes).When we tell the story ,we feel like a hollywood celebrity at the verge of getting the Oscar (without the applauses) ,all attention is on us and everyone absorb every single word we say.

Anyway , everything is fine if we are not on the side of the listener . That’s pretty complicated. If the person who tells the story is not a friend of ours ,we have to play on “truth or lies” in order to understand the story . This is the hardest part of the whole process as a good listeners to understand when exactly the narrator relate the real story without repetitious details .

You know the renowned proverb “Every story has two sides” (if you ask me there are at least two sides). At the light of this , it is impossible for one story to be told precisely without the unattainable interfere of the narrator’s attitude and emotional aspect .

From this comes the discrepancies and confusions , because every story is enriched with someone’s emotions and slightly (or significantly ) curve the original.

Finally ,the stories are reflections of different events with different people , how they are represented is another question of discussion.

Maybe ,that’s why I like to listen the same  story over and over again.


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