Tell me I can’t

…and I am going to prove you the opposite. I can’t recall how many times this happened to me and if I have to be honest is wonderful experience (at the beginning we all don’t know it yet).

I remember my first experience with this provoking phrase . I was eight years old and I really wanted to have a huge puzzle with 1000 pieces .One day ,after a lot of muttering ,my father bought me one wonderful puzzle which depicted ancient map of the world. I was in great excitement and with shaking hands opened the puzzle box I was ready to assemble the pieces . After a while I felt a little desperate because I couldn’t manage to put the pieces properly ,then my father came and said “Oh ,can you assemble this by yourself or you can’t? “with a great smile on his face .At first I though that he mocked at me ,but he then offered to help me only at the beginning and reluctantly I accepted the help. Well,it took me a week to put all the pieces together ,but eventually at the end I felt only the feeling of great accomplishment .

When I grew up ,once my father told me “Tell to someone that he is not capable to do something and you will see his great potential alive. ”

Thank you ,father for this great lesson (but he still remind me this phrase occasionally ,just in case). What I can tell you for sure ,from my experience ,is that this “you can’t” is the key for the determination in life.Because can unlock all hidden potential and inspiration in us and leads to our best achievements .

So ,the next time when you hear this words ,don’t get upset or annoying ,don’t get it only as a challenge ,just receive it as a challenge to yourself, too and possibility to show how great you are and what you can do !



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