Expectations-too difficulth to deal with

It could be enormous or tiny change ,it depends on many things .Changes happen every day ,sometimes more unexpected ,some time they are foregone. We know that the only way to survive under this pressure is to adjust to the possibility of change . That’s right , we have to rely on our expectation and hope for the best alternative .

The expectations hold us on the ground ,make us world seems solid and stable ,they prepare us for the best or for the worst . But what happens when our expectations a fanciful rather than realistic. The disappointment comes and warns us that actually we are not so objective as we think . We have an impression that our whole life was as fragile as a bible and now everything seems different and confusing .Then ,who  is more disappointed , we –because we had a wrong perception of what might happen or the people who expect us to  be something that we are not .In my believing ,the score is equal .

…unexpected events happen and overtake our expectation ,leaving us dizzy and shocked,lying on the ground. Yes , sometimes it happens exactly the opposite we hope for , sometimes people response in completely different way .Because the unexpected things have the possibility to change our life forever .This swift can change our personality and makes us better person or quite the opposite one.

Some people says “no expectation ,no disappointments “.

It is also true that we can’t control anything ,even the next day or the day after tomorrow .

Life is too short or the planet Earth moves too fast .



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