Need to express yourselve

Yes,we don’t need more positive books full of wisdom (like “The secret” ,for example) .You don’t believe ,well it’s your choice .But to me these things that people in recent years ,tend to be with rather negative attitude than positive ,are complete bollocks .There is speculation here.No,no ,no I am not mad (as far as I am concerned). However ,only think about it , why suddenly so many books about the positive attitude appears in the bookshop .At first ,it sounds great and when you look at the shelves and read about the 10 easiest way to be happy.Oh,how cute,but,no !Thanks!

First of all ,there is nothing wrong to be sad and under weather from time to time and it’s healthy ,too. The synchrony have to exist , we can’t have only bad or good days ,it’s meaningless and unattainable .If we want to appreciate the sweet taste of the happiness ,we have to taste the sadness ,too.

Secondly, If i want to be worried,sad or even irritated ,just let me be.That is the easiest way for something to fade away,let it be .My negative emotions needs to be expressed ,like any other emotions and I am sure I can handle them (and many other people can,too). So,we don’t need to be cheerful and jolly at the moment when we are pissed off and we don’t want our emotions to be distorted in any other way.So,excuse me but I can’t buy your book “how to change our life and to be happy (in 7 steps) ‘” ,Miss/Mister.

Third, this is not against the positive psychology,not at all.It is about the millions thoughtless books ,written by people who claim that knows everything about happiness and how to achieve it (but they actually earn many from our desperation to be happy).

We are completely normal human being with all variety of emotions and feeling ,some of us can pretend that they are more sensible than others ,but actually we are all the some. There is a episode of BBC Horizond called “OUT OF CONTROL”,it is about how our unconscious mind control almost entirely every our action in our live .Does it really true ,I don’t know ,maybe some day we might know the right answer .However ,in this episode there is extremely fascinating experiment which shows that our attitudes towards life is rather positive than negative .When we say, “It’s being so cheerful that keeps me going”, we may be expressing a deeper truth about how the mind has evolved to persuade us that the future will be better than the past.

We need to laugh,to cry,to cherish the moments ,to regrets about past …It’s our nature.Let it be.


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