“You can stay in the same place and still find ways to leave people”

One of my favorite quotes ever ,from Beginners (2010) film by Mike Mills .This is not one blockbuster Hollywood production,no it’s one wonderful experience .This type of movie is which at the beginning you are not completely sure whether is worth it,but in the end it leaves you with big smile on your face .It really makes you happy and gratified ,and you want to watch it again and again.

The story is not extraordinary one,but you will be fascinated by the easy way it flourish in front of you.It’s a story about how you truly disclose yourself to others for the first time in your life ,how courageous and brave you are to show your real side .Also,it is about how despite the fact that you encounter difficulties(or harsh time in your life) and you are not happy,somehow you find a way to be happy again. It’s like paradox , you are happy and simultaneously you are not.It’s about finding yourselves somewhere in between.

This film is about how we think we have a vision of the whole picture ,but actually we see only small part of it and then we learn how to explore the world around us .

I am really impressed by the Mélanie Laurent who play Anna  in the story .Her character is really strange to me (in a good way ,of course) and the some time so appealing and charmin.This charcter relates to people who live life on their own way ,without thinking and worrying about the other’s people opinion .It’s about the people who at first side seems odd ,but at the second glass they capture you and make you feel comfortable at their presence.

You should watch this movie , it’s different ,imposing and captivating .



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