Different century-tempting thing

Have you ever image yourself somewhere else ,I mean in different epoch,place ,with different people,different surrounding ? Does this appeal to you?

Well, it is said that every age has its own charm and magic ,it represents how the human kind is developed throughout time ,how human history is consisted of events that explain why something happened ,where and to whom. It is interesting because we get used to thing that everything happens because of the consequences of another things. Hence,we think about the time  as a rectilinear arrow which moves only in one direction-straight forward.No way to go back !

So,this vision makes sense and nobody has enough evidence to proclaim and justify the opposite ,but to me is not enough .Very often ,I think about myself being in another epoch ,maybe in Jean Ostean’s age ,when the men were real gentlemen and the ladies had to sit in the garden,drink tea or ostensibly read something interesting while they gossip secretly .When after the first kiss ,the man proclaim his true love to his beloved one ,and waiting without patience to know whether his feelings are mutual (yes ,I am hopeless romantic) .Sometimes ,I dream about living in France ,in Palace of Versailles with Marie Antoinette (before The French revolution,of course) and eating tarts and cakes every day. With the whole luxury,magnificence and the masked balls with all beauty dresses and masks ,and nobody knows who exactly speak with him ,and someone can whisper you a secrets. Splendid!

But then I make the decision that I don’t have a desire to die of famine or the black death and my fantasy is gone . It was so alluring and tempting ,but the reality is entirely different .Fine ,I don’t have a choice and I am just forced to accept the ugly true …without Marie Antoinette ,without cakes and ribbons in my hair .Why there is no any other alternative ,like …time machine (like Doctor Who’s TARDIS) ? I promise ,I won’t be selfish and I will let to other people to use it ,too .Moreover  ,I won’t misappropriate with it ,I will use it only when the weight of boredom is too heavy on my shoulders and I definitely won’t change the history and kill Hitler (by the way which is hard to resist).

I guess ,there is no hope (a little ,tiny hope) and I have to watch the new Woody Allen’s film “Midnight in Paris” witch by the way is about time traveling and the main character is lucky enough to have chance to choose between the past and the present (I am little envy at him).

I hope I am not the only one who dream about the past centuries and places .

What about you?


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