Be an extraordinary,be a brand new one


Well ,these days one of the most popular or most frequent word is “hipster”, but actually nobody has a clear definition of it. After my unsuccessful finding of clear definition ended ,I just decided to look in Wikipedia .The first lines of the description is consisted of things like independent music,independent films,magazines like Clash and Vice ,web pages like UrbTrash and Tumblr.At the first  I was in emotional shock and surprise and then I just burst into hysterical laughter.That’s really funny and makes me smile every time when I think about that moment .

So,let’s make a brief consideration of what’s going on,shall we? Ok,in a recent two years or so I’ve found myself in listening mostly indie music ,one of my favorite movies is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (and I definitely like independent movies such as Eastern plays),I have one of these big glasses.Well,does make me a hipster? Really? What I have to do now? Should I have to tell to someone or just keep my secret?

Seriously? You must be kidding me! I know that you will say “Bazinga” or “Allonsy” at very moment,come on. But how that happens actually,you are just normal human being and in the next day you wake up as a hipster .

The main point is why this happens ,not how and I think that I have a really solid suggestion about this phenomenon .And the answer (of the universe and all things at all) is Identification. We desperately try to find the answer of who we are and what is the main purpose of our existence. Think about it again, “Hipster” culture abruptly obsesses the vast majority of the youth people and teenagers ,too. It is like “Emo” culture that was as popular as this one ,with this difference that it is not “cool” anymore . Every new culture has its distinguishing features and like new culture provokes interest and excitement.

This is  a new layer of our identification or just new social role to our identification. We want to be a extraordinary ,to be different and simultaneously appealing human beings .At the same time ,we want to be part of something ,to be engage in something brand new and to show the world that we change our attitudes ,our perception and nobody can’t stop us .Every new culture is a new swallow air ,new way to express our ideas and thoughts .

And last but not least,just because we have a tendency to “rock” the world and we need revolution,without weapons we crusade for the brand new culture which appears .We need an attention,we need to be different.That’s the main intention of every modern society.That’s the main purpose of popularity .

So,the next time when you consider someone as a hipster ,think about it again .


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