Life’s seasons

Well,after a long time in my absence I ‘m back !

Everyone says (or the majority of people I know)that the best part of their life is the childhood!Which immediately revive the associations related to the childhood memories.Personally, my theory is that if life has to be divided into seasons it might looks like this : summer-childhood,spring-puberty ,autumn-maturity and the last one winter -elder ages.Well,it sounds like a fair-tale,but it has resembles ,hasn’t it?

However ,this is not the point!If I have to be completely honest my best time (for now,because I am only 24 years old) is the spring season.Because I used to be more open-minded,braver,more curious,more acceptable and the most important without these layers of prejudices(which I’d sooner not to have).I always think of it in that way,because when I was a teenage girl I was so exited to know the world around me,to know more and more people ,I used to feel like Alice in Wonderland,it was almost like a magic.

Everyone know this feeling,this incredible confidence,this almost endless power and the insatiable desire for explorations.

This is the best time of your life to understand who you are ,what you want and to create the layers of the next season.But you should be careful,since the haphazard changes which occurs in that time might be perilous and with lasting effects.

My aunt once told my that the way you love someone when you’re young couldn’t compare with anything.

Might she was right…

I would like to say that life-changing is constant thing,like in every three days our bodies produce new blood cells,in every three day we have a chance to change our life for better.

No matter how good was the past ,we can’t bring it back,but we can make our feature far more better.



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