To be or not to be-yes ,this is the question


In my believing ,William Shakespeare was one of the few people who truly understand this fundamental phrase.Maybe ,this is the most important question that could be asked and could bring great troubles.

Well,apart from Shakespeare ,despite from the progress of the world and almost 500 years after this words had been uttered for the first time,this question lacks satisfying answer.What would Shakespeare have said If’d been alive,well …presumably nothing good.Silly people,silly world.

Actually ,it is not so easy to have a gratifying answer to this question,since it represents kind of dilemma.Consequently,this leads to another problem such as endless and wearing combat between you and your another you.Fine ,let’s make things clear,I am talking about “what someone wants to be” and “what other people wants from someone to be”,there is big difference ,right!Here,I am discussing one of the main reasons for our anxiety ,for our obstacles in communication’s skills and interaction.As it is enough conspicuous ,there is huge difference expectations about what you want and the other people’s expectation (how you suppose to behave in every moment).AND HERE IT COMES …this great struggles!!!

This struggling,this incessant compromising,this choosing the others (parents,family numbers ,friends and even acquaintances) could sooner or later has bad effect on us.

Well, we are told that only thing we need to be is just to be ourselves,but what if it means to be ourselves behind the mask of “i have to be” instead of “i want to be…”.

It is not so easy,isn’t it?


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