Equality -lesson

Many people today are easily confused by the concept of equality itself,thus explain why so many of them associate the equality of freedom and liberty with the one of income.Yes ,such a thing as “equality of income” really exists and it’s completely different from the liberty of speech and freedom for example.

When Tomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of Independence ,he pointed out that “”all men are created equal’’ in the eyes of God and something more “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” Nothing is said about the distribution of wealth or any other form of materialistic form (money,property and so on). Therefore ,our attention has to be concentrated on the key elements in this statement : life,liberty and pursuit of happiness. He emphasized on such private perceptions of everyone’s happiness or idea of happiness and this explain the diversity of it.

Indeed ,some people might associate the happiness with the social income and the amount of money they own ,which gives a completely wrong meaning of the liberty and happines’s concept and triggers many forms of discrepancies and misunderstandings.

Men are all equal before God, we have a right to live our life as we find the most appropriate way to do so,without interfering someone else’s freedom and rights. Without violations over someone else ,we are free to choose how to live and which goals we want to pursuit as a part of our own happiness. Moreover, we should have a dignity of being unique as a person and under no circumstances making someone being inferior to us. In this sense,we are all equal.

The biggest paradox is that Jefferson didn’t talk  about the abolition of slavery ,he even was a slave-owner . He didn’t mean to abolish this type of government , but he bore in mind more fundamental right of the people at all.Even after the abolition and the civil war the true justice had not took place, the truth is we live in unfair world and we have curved conceptions of it.

Nobody has a right to violate our concept of happiness or your attempt to be happy,but whether we all have equal opportunities and abilities is another question.The nature itself is unfair by granting someone with more and taking another’s vital ability. Who is responsible for someone being blind and another is not-the mother “Nature”.

My point is that we live in a world where the concept of justice and freedom exists,but it has a different meaning from what we think it should have.Unfair world,where the equality is such a dubious thing…equality


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