Month: September 2013

To me

I must abondon every littly,tiny,petty version of intoxicating expectation in order ,only and only for I swear,to prevent my valnurable and susceptable mind into being trapped in the illusionary reality and latter into butter and heart-breaking disappointment.


But my mind never listen.


The truth is

we ,all have the an unlimited opportunity to be happy. Unfortunately ,the amount of joy and sorrow in our lifes is not equal and could be in the upper comfort of blindness.


We should keep in prison

Our fears,

With guarduans on every door

Every small and tiny hole.

Instead ,we let them free

And hopelessly trying to escape from their grasp…

Wandering in our minds

Creeping ,struglig for power.

A battle ,rivary ,attempt

But they’ll deafeat

They’ll survive…

They always do

And alwsays will…

Dig a holes and burry them,

Or at least just try…

Before mungling your voice with the sound of cry.