When one ruler fails ,another succeeds -part 2


(Picture: illustrates the style rococo in its original image)

This is the second part of the article that gives brief conclusions how two of the most well-know queens (Marie Anthoinette and Catherina The Great)  reigned during their lifetime.The main aim of the article is not to carry out depth investigation how they rule ,but rather to represent overall description of their attitude as a rulers of two nations . Everyone is in their freedom to jump on any conclusion or possible deductions from the article itself,but do not forget that I only try to depict the actions of the both queens in order to proof how the attitude and the self -interest could cost the destiny of the whole nation .

What did the queen read?

Well,many historians adhere to the belief that Marie Anthoinette had read books and especially Rousseau,but that might have happened in the end of her reign and especially in the period after her power came to fall ,when she was probably between 30 and 40 years age.

However ,it’s widespread belief that she was not a  great book enthusiastic.Moreover ,according to Pierre de Nolhac she was not even aware of the contain of her library. Quite often the young queen had to put up with her mother’s remarks about her lack of experience in the literature ‘s world. Not surprisingly ,her mother scrutinized her daughter and recommend to her books from which she could not only derive knowledge ,but could influence  her understanding of the history (example was Hume’s ‘History of England’). But the ‘bonne et tendre Antoinette’ refused to listen! Much more shocking and provoking was the fact that the Queen of France was for a very long period of time,if not for the rest of her life , illiterate in french-making mistakes in her writings.

What about Catherine the Great ?  First she read ,then she ruled! In comparison with Marie ,Catherine mobilized herself and did not waste her time in needless practices .She knew how to take responsibility for her actions and how to rearrange her priorities. And her main priority while her husband Peter rejected her ,was to become more powerful than him in many ways. Her weapon was the knowledge itself. Due to her education ,Catherine was literate in French,German and later Russian. She held great sympathies for the Enlightenment itself and its writers ,that’s why she often read them ,in addition to many books about Russian history.

It is needless to be said how different were the two queens regarding their thirst of knowledge and literature.But this vividly exposes how they understand the world around them in their position in it- the vision of the growing woman and the woman who refuse to accept the reality and the inclinations of her actions. It is evident how Marie Antoinette did not appreciate the gravity of the situation win its full-scale or at least she made that impression.

The nation and the people :

Why the French people did not praise their queen,why they did not save her from the deadly grasp of the guillotine ?Did they not know mercy at all? The answer is clear -the queen did not deserve their forgiveness because all she gave them was ignorance! And the ignorance is bliss! She did not possess the slightest idea how the people live ,she was ignorant of their misery and life-endless sorrow. She took for granted their love and paid the highest price possible. Indeed,she did not say “Let them eat cakes” ,but she did nothing when a malicious pamphlets were flying around the kingdom ,mocking and teasing her without shame.Instead,she avoided at any cost going to Paris ,which she awfully despised as much as Versaille, and locked herself in the ivory tower of isolation in her ‘maison de plaisir’ Trianon. In short, she did nothing to mitigate the circumstances in which French people lived ,;letting that task to her husband who was surrounded by a bunch of bad consuls ,simply because she was not interesting in the people’s destiny ,neither she was a politic.

Nakaz- Instruction, of Catherine the Great ,the most significant legacy of Catherina’s reign. Inspired by the Enlightenment that document forged the great loyalty between the people and their queen. It declares that everyone is equal before the law and is against the death penalty and the torture of people.That document considers in depths the idea of the law ,the imposing of the law and its practice regarding the purpose of the law. It takes into account the life and rights of the peasants ,also it describes a new structure of society in which different part of it corroborate with each other in the name of the improvement.

That second example ,clearly justifies that the law and knowledge’s power are indispensable parts of being successful ruler.

Lastly ,it is under my observation that from the things above ,Marie Antoinette was not ready to be a queen,she simply was incapable of understand and fully comprehend her role in the history.To me ,she was more like a victim of her time or if I have to put it mildly “The gracious princess of the French Revolution’ .While Catherina without doubt fitted perfectly in the image of the Queen- the queen of straight and determination to conquer the world and to preserve her empire .


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