Does St. Valentine spoil your happiness ?


Well, it’s 14th February ,a wonderful day calling for celebration ,but what we are supposed to celebrate at all? I want to apologize to all “happily-in love-couples” ,but what is the real fuss about it?Love ,of course ,you might say,but let’s reveal the truth behind that.

There are several speculations about the truth behind St. Valentine.For instance ,according to the Catholic Church ,St. Valentine was a roman priest who expressed his grievance against the emperor Claidious ,who prohibited the marriage between young people.There is an explanation of course , Claudious was a firm believer that unmarried soldiers were better warriors and what was the highest priority of the empire -the army.  As a consequence of that ridiculous presumption of the emperor ,  St. Valentine ventured into marrying young couples and he was eventually caught and tortured for his disloyalty.  The romantic bloom did not stop there , there are other speculation about a blind woman for whom St. Valentine was praying during his imprisonment. The last note the priest wrote to the girl’s father was signed  “from your Valentine.” (How romantic is that?)

On the other hand ,if it happens that you live in ancient Rome ,you will probably celebrate the she-wolf festival of festival of fertility (Lupercalia),but you should bear in mind that your friends who are catholics might not approve it. (no offence ,but the Catholic church does not go so well with the pagans).

With  a stark contrast,today in 21st century, people are stagnated by depression and loneliness in the very eve of 14th February ( except the ones who are in love ). We reach a point in our  consciousness as a human beings when something like “cliche” could provoke in us so much negativism. If you only take a quick  look in google ,you will find along with the happy article about that wonderful day , a great deal of crappy ones with a titles like “how to survive on Valentine’s Day’ or ‘positive celebration of Valentine’s day for divorced women’ or even ‘ Depression on Valentine’s day (among teenagers). Is it only me finding that rather perplexing and alarming or something is not right?

Is the world turning mad?

Well, let’s make this clear , we need to be more careful about our feeling,expectations and the brutal force of the public image pressure on us. Unfortunately , today many people are inclined to think that the existence of “the so-called significant other” might help them to live a better life and initially they are seeking desperately for that one. No,no… I believe in love , in fact ,I’m a hopeless romantic girl,but here I talk about the highest unprecedented level of our expectations regarding the relationship. Among the young people today, the status “single” is almost equivalent of being a witch in the middle ages. Everyone around you look at you and without uttering a word ,they are thinking “what’s wrong with you? “.

My point is that there is too much scrutiny regarding our relationship’s status! Give us a break,ok?!

However ,the ugly truth is hidden under many layers of dust , the secret an answer is our attitude. Being happy with yourself ,you’ll find time,place and way to be happy with someone,do not force yourself too much!

At the end ,if you’re feeling too ” desperate” ,you could grab a chocolate cake and a good company of friends ,but at any costs do not let Sv. Valentine to spoil your day!~


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