Julian Assange-Sinister or Saint (part1)


In 2010 the world  embraced the image and the existence of one man,someone who made a niche for himself and had a chance to change the history, his name is Julian Assange.

One Australian journalist ,who turned our view of the world upset down within a few days,made a social and media revolution around the world. He made us to think and re-think in what kind of world we live. We only had to look around to see the ridiculous system under which we are govern and we needed someone to make the first step.And he did it gladly and with passion. Making reality and introducing to us his website :Wikileaks (a place where everyone could donate secret information anonymously).As he putted by himself ‘…we help people to get truth out…with a greater chance of achieving positive political reform.’ Reform or revolution?

But who is,after all, Julian Assange? What attributed to his access and popularity?

Many people view him as a hero or even as warrior in this ruthless war of corruption that poisoned the world. For instance ,prof. Robbert Manne from university of La Trobe,Melbourne viewed him as a humanistic anarchist dreaming for a better world. But what is his agenda ,where is his hidden source from which he derive that passion and desire? Does the truth is the answer? Moreover, at the very start of the Wikileaks to perform as a website,right under the logo of the site was putted a proverb which goes like this ‘Three things can hide for long :the Moon ,the Sun and the Truth.’ Siddharta.

Is there a possibility this man to be driven only by the dream of one just society or is it something else? I do not know. But ,in my view, he saw the world in different colours when he was conducting his actions,he was not only seeking the truth, he was in pursuit of revolution and even a war. This rises another question –is it the war or revolution we need now?

And even more important than that is the question whether we are capable of making and achieving such revolution or our chances are against the odds. With his great performance on the worldwide level he urged us to understand the importance of the truth to be spoken openly, for our own good and for the generations ahead. But today ,the mass media communications companies are much more powerful than before ,they manipulate us at our homes ,at work ,wherever we go –they are there. They even do not stop here  , they also tell us what to eat ,what to wear,where to spend our vacations –they constantly promote their ideas which penetrate our minds at that level that they influence our political,religious and ethical belief. In the end we stand against them – unfortunately the odds are not in our favor.

That’s why we need more people as Julian Assange to stand and to find a new ways. He found it- the whistleblower. Oscar Wilde said ‘MAN IS LEAST HIMSELF WHEN HE TALKS IN HIS OWN PERSON. GIVE HIM A MASK, AND HE WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH.’ Apperantly ,it is a method that works perfectly well regarding the mass-media explosion of information in the website from anonymous donors.

However,the first appearance of the Wikileak took place after revealing the highest rate of corruption in one Swiss bank in Iceland. Consequently, three other Iceland banks failed in 2009 and people ,usually not violent,took the streets in marching orders and riots against this unfairness. Even at that early stage of the plan ,it was painfully clear how dangerous could be the implications of leaking such information. Indeed ,it possessed great treat to the society as a whole ,but there were too many things at stake. And still, today , the things are pretty much the same.

Meanwhile,at the time when that fiasco was happening nobody understood the man who stood behind it, even one of his closest friends appeared to be surprised by his personality. Machial Berg,one great example, who had become the second full time number of the Wikileaks, after a serious discrepancies with Julian took the decision to be not in close contact with him. For instance , according to his book “Inside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World’s Most Dangerous Website” he describes his friendship with Julian in that way “ We used to be best friends,Julian and I –or at least something like friends .Today,I’m not sure whether he even knows the concept.Sometimes I hate him so much that I’m afraid I’d resort to physical violence if our paths ever cross again…Never in my life have I known such an extreme person as Julian Assange.” Here we could sense extreme profoundly the bitterness and the resentment from Berg’s side – this ,in my opinion, influences his book in a way that makes it biased and filled with self-reproach and self-condemnation towards the past.

Not surprisingly, the new movie called ‘The fifth estate’, based on Berg’s book ,depicts Assange as arrogan,well-knowing,disrespectful ,malicious and highly manipulative –in other words much more as a villain than anything else. (For everyone who has already watched the movie could easily notice the resemble with the depiction of the Jocker(played by Heath Ledger in ‘The Dark knight’) in the same way Assange explained why his hair was white as the Jocker did about his scars on the face –in the end nobody knows the truth.)

In his book ‘Julian Assange: The Unauthorised Autobiography’ ,Julian illustrates his childhood as a happy one despite the constant moving from one place to another. As a matter of fact,his mother was a hippy activist,who had a very open-minded attitude towards life, and despite her loving character and the tenderness with which she loved him ,she might have been responsible partly for the complex character of her son.  For example, as Jilian wrote during one school-camp ‘I decided to express myself without hindrance, so I hit the girl over the head with a hammer’. Indeed ,there is something deeply disturbing in his behavior ,but not surprisingly due to the fact that he had two stepfathers and he changed around 30 different schools. This was a crucial moment. What he needed was a stable grounds on which he could stand ,but the ground was far from  stable and reliable.

Moreover , he continued his life-story by saying ’ School was a problem…Perhaps I was just bred to hate the system and this was the system’. Here we could recognize the first riot-attempts against the system at all, he was on the verge of becoming an anarchist or absolute idealist without being able to compromise with anyone or anything…

What if Danial Berg is not so wrong about Assange…


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