7 seconds –they can define you

Something different from my writing blog, hope you enjoy it 🙂

Write with Joy


You are ready for a new day, the alarm of the clock is making an unbelievable excruciating sound which bounce back like a tennis ball. You want to stay in bed so much that you nestle yourself up, promising only two more seconds for you and the bed comfort that surrounds you. You refuse to open your eyes given that doing so it will kill the last hope of spending few more moments in your bed. But, no, your brain is rushing around like that comic hero ‘the Flash’ in searching for an answer to what you are supposed to do today. In a fracture of the second, you open your eyes as an adrenaline has flown in you, because you remember that you have a very important day. Probably running errands for your boss and making an interview for a new secretary.

The clock rang.

You are up.


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