Month: November 2015

Paris -we are with you

The world is with Paris today!

Write with Joy

Yesterday, it was 13th of November 2015, Paris outlived its most horrific night throughout the modern history. Here are the facts, around 130 people were killed in six different places in the capital while many others are badly injured. It’s proclaimed that Islamic state group takes responsibility for the attack.

When I’ve heard about it, I was terrified by shock and not being able to believe it! Two questions popped up in my mind immediately after receiving these terrible news.

First of all, how is this possible in 21st century, how is it even plausible such a dreadful thing to happen? I don’t care who is responsible for this, whether it is part of a terrorist attack or any other kind of intervention in Europe, I care about the people who lost their families that night, I care for the falling innocent victims of that abomination. Can you…

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